Every year, students are demanding more of their student
housing experience… is your institution keeping up with the rapidly changing landscape?

Ethical, research-based approaches and positive outcomes worth opening your mind to.

Our students are changing and the social, political and economic landscape of student housing are also changing at a rapid pace – but that doesn’t mean the student experience will suffer. In fact, we believe, as a private company acting on behalf of our client institutions, we are improving student success. Consider this: Our approach is fully integrated into the mission and values of our partner institutions. Our programs and services are built upon solid research and catered to the unique and diverse needs of the students on each campus.

We do not wear the CLC logo on our shirts, or display it on our handbooks, posters, residence website or other prominent materials. We do everything in our power to ensure each and every student finds comfort within their institution and the residence. In our residences, students see us as “________College Residence Staff”, not Campus Living Centres.

While the conversations about public-private-partnerships (P3s) in student housing have been more prevalent recently, they have been around in Ontario for a long time – mostly because of us. We have been operating student residences on campus for our client institutions for 20 years.  We are currently managing student residences on 18 campuses in Ontario (25% of all college/university campuses in the province). Within these residences, there are a total of approximately 8000 students (approximately 10% of total residence population in Ontario).

Our corporate staff in residence life serve as important student advocates on each campus.  The residence life budget, and all residence finances, are tightly controlled by a multi-disciplinary committee on each campus. No profits are gained from students through our residence life program. Programs and services are self funded on each campus through residence fees, just like they are on the majority of campuses across the country. Understanding these kind of details are important, because as you will see, what we provide students, how we provide it, and the outcomes we achieve, are no different. In fact, we think many of our new programs and services exemplify best practices.

To learn more about our residence life programs and services take some time to review our Student Life page or contact us.