Off-Campus Property Management

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Purpose-built, off-campus student housing is a unique asset class that requires specialized management services, and maximizing occupancy while dealing with higher turnover, (given that most students are residents for three years or less), requires a forward looking strategy. Creating a positive student housing experience while maintaining a focus on safety and security is a delicate balance and one we have successfully achieved at our off-campus properties. Our firm owns and/or manages over 30,000 student beds in Canada, and we have the requisite expertise to ensure success. We view each of the properties that we manage as a partnership with our client, and operate with complete transparency.

Our core objectives:

  • Through a targeted and focused lease-up campaign, maximize student occupancy and revenue;
  • Keep a healthy focus on operating expenses;
  • Provide customized financial reports monthly;
  • Create a positive student experience; and
  • Capital planning guidance.