Financing & Developing

Most post-secondary institutions view student housing as a key component of a student recruitment and retention strategy. However, in many cases existing residences or lack of suitable housing can be detrimental to enrolment growth.

Contemplating a public-private partnership to procure an asset so vital to the campus community is a significant step, as the student residence experience is such an integral part of campus life. We have successfully completed a number of these projects in close collaboration with different campus partners, where we have delivered a residence experience that is reflective of each of our partner’s respective values and campus culture.
Our single source solution to develop, finance and manage student housing projects is unique in the industry. Universities and colleges are operating in an environment where funding is scarce, and our model allows our partners to preserve capital for core campus initiatives without compromising the student residence experience.

We would be happy to meet with you to learn about the unique needs of your property and to demonstrate how we can improve the occupancy and overall quality of your student housing operation.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can collaborate with you to develop your next student housing project.