Operations Leadership Team, On-Campus

Scott Woods, Vice President, On Campus Operations & Corporate Developments

Scott joined Campus Living Centres in 1997 and has progressively advanced into more senior positions within the company. Throughout his career he has developed a wealth of expertise across all facets of Residence Operations. This includes planning and execution of large-scale capital projects, opening of new residence locations, development of comprehensive policies and procedures, and the creation and execution of strategies and programs focused on customer service and operational excellence.

As Vice President, On Campus Operations & Corporate Developments Scott is accountable for strengthening and advancing the operational excellence and effectiveness of the organization. With over 24 years of experience in on-campus student housing, Scott has the knowledge and passion for helping our organization and our people capitalize on the dynamic changes our industry continues to experience.

Joel Ingram, Vice President, On Campus Operations, Western Canada

Joel joined Campus Living Centres in 2012 after a successful 11-year career as an entrepreneur. He began his career at CLC working the front desk, and as the company enjoyed explosive growth, Joel assumed more and more leadership responsibilities. He has played a vital role in the success of our operations in Kamloops, BC,  and in one of our larger regions in Northern Ontario, overseeing multiple post-secondary institutions. Joel is an exceptional communicator and relationship builder, and as Vice President, On Campus Operations, Western Canada, Joel leads CLC operations in BC and Alberta. Joel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Windsor.

David Norwood, Vice President, On Campus Operations & Student Affairs

David started his career with Campus living Centres in 2010 as a Resident Advisor at Seneca College, immediately discovering his passion for Student Life. David has taken on roles of Residence Life Coordinator, Operations Manager, and General Manager at Seneca College Residence and Conestoga College Residence. Currently, as Vice President, On Campus Operations & Student Affairs, David oversees the operations of CLC’s Western Ontario Residence portfolio, and supports the Department of Residence Life. David’s Residence Life and operations experience have made him an integral part CLC’s leadership team, and he is responsible for a number of company-wide initiatives and sits on several national student affairs committees.

Chris Haze, Director, Residence Operations
As a Director, Residence Operations, Chris is ultimately responsible for the day to day operations of the facilities under his supervision. Over his 20-plus years with Campus Living Centres, Chris has enjoyed successful working relationships with a number of colleges and universities in Ontario to ensure that their residences offer strong student communities in a financially sustainable manner. In addition to his work in the field Chris is a leading member of our operations group, which is responsible for shaping the processes and policies of Campus Living Centres residence operations.

Katelyn Jennings, Director, Residence Operations
Katelyn started her career with Campus Living Centres in 2011 in a frontline position and has progressed through a number of management roles over the past 10 years. Throughout her tenure, she has focused on student satisfaction and retention, international student supports, project management for capital renovations, and budget planning and execution. Katelyn’s focus on operational excellence and strong client relationships embodies the values of Campus Living Centres, which is the bedrock of our success. Katelyn holds a Bachelor degree in Media Studies (Honours) and Diploma in Image Arts from the University of Guelph-Humber.

Shanna Maher, Director, Residence Operations
Shanna provides leadership for Campus Living Centres in the areas of residence life, facilities, housing, as well as conferences and events. Shanna started with Campus Living Centres as a Front Office Manager at Niagara College and progressed quickly, assuming more management responsibilities.  In 2006, Shanna transitioned to the position of General Manager for the Mohawk College Residence. There, Shanna played a significant role in the roll-out of many bold initiatives during her 9-year tenure. In 2015, Shanna began her role as Director, Residence Operations and oversees the operations for Sheridan College, Niagara College and Mohawk College. Shanna’s experience with Campus Living Centres spans over 20 years, and she has been a key contributor to the success of the company. Shanna is a proud graduate of Niagara College, Hospitality and Restaurant Management program.

Operations Leadership Team, Off-Campus

Ted Bell, Director, Residence Operations, Off-Campus
Ted initially began with Campus Living Centres in 2012, and after spending two years outside of the company, he returned to assume management responsibilities for a key off-campus student housing portfolio. Ted has spent his entire career in student housing and is focused on staff engagement and the resident experience. He oversees all aspects of building operations, including leasing, finance and facilities. Ted is a graduate of Western University with a double major in Political Science/History and also has a Bachelor of Education from Nipissing University. Ted’s relentless pursuit of exceeding client expectations has been instrumental in the company’s success.

Jay Mott, Director, Residence Operations, Off-Campus
Jay joined Campus Living Centres after gaining experience in student housing & property management in a variety of positions, while working in the industry. Jay is responsible for a significant portion of the off-campus housing portfolio of Campus Living Centres. He oversees property operations for our clients, with a strong focus marketing, leasing, revenue growth, and expense management. Jay’s commitment to our clients and our company’s overall success have made Jay a key member of our leadership group.