Campus Living Centres is pleased to announce the re-acquisition of the Algonquin College Residence Management Contract. Effective May 1, 2013, Campus Living Centres is delighted to be back on the Algonquin College campus and once again be managing and operating the Algonquin College Residence.

In August 2012, Campus Living Centres was asked to return to Algonquin College Residence on a short-term management contract after having been absent from the residence operation for less than two years. Algonquin College’s focus on student success and the desire to provide an optimal student experience led to their decision to seek out a student housing partner to manage and operate its residence facility and programs.

As the successful proponent of the Algonquin College Student Housing Management and Operations Request for Proposal, Campus Living Centres will now enter into a long-term management contract, similar to the one previously in place when Campus Living Centres last managed the Algonquin College Residence in 2010. This renewed relationship with Algonquin College emphasizes the degree to which Campus Living Centres is believed to be a leader in Canadian student housing.

Duane McNair, Vice-President, Finance and Administration, at Algonquin College, credits “Campus Living Centres’ breadth and depth of experience in the Canadian student housing market as a key factor in being awarded the contract from Algonquin College.” McNair further elaborates, “In alignment with Algonquin’s approach to programs and services, Campus Living Centres holds the students’ needs at the centre of all decisions, processes, and services offered in the residence environment.”

The residence facilities at Algonquin College house up to 1050 students in 525 shared two-bedroom suites. All suites are furnished and include amenities such as telephone service, Internet access, televisions, three-piece bathroom, and a kitchenette. Common spaces in the residence include a fitness room, movie lounge, convenience store, and a courtyard with basketball and volleyball courts.