Summer Accommodations

An empty residence in the summer months is a missed opportunity!

We have high conference season occupancy rates and generate millions in additional revenue for our clients. Maximizing non-student generated revenue derived from student residences makes a significant contribution to each of our partner institutions.

Maximizing occupancy rates all year long is critical to achieving financial performance in your student housing operation. This requires you to sell residence spaces as viable summer conference accommodations, but it is extremely challenging. It is a highly specialized niche market, and we are the only experts in this field. We have:

  • An established brand: Residence and Conference Centres, with thousands of return clients annually
  • A highly skilled sales team and established marketing strategies that generate significant new business each year
  • Proven service provision strategies that ensures high customer satisfaction and retention
  • A huge portfolio of clients and contacts that fosters long term success and cross-selling opportunities across our entire portfolio.


We accomplish our goals through the utilization of the following key tools and strategies:

  • A segmented approach to marketing our properties, ensuring that we are creating awareness among our targeted clientele through each of our sales managers
  • Customized website to book online reservations for summer conference accommodations
  • A 1-800 number with a centralized support team
  • Heavy presence on key accommodations web services, such as Travelocity, Expedia, and
  • Regular attendance at local, provincial and national conferences and trade shows
  • Specialized sales and hospitality training programs for staff under the CLC University banner
  • Customized guest and room management software tools, via StarRez
  • Corporate staff dedicated to the design and publication of unique marketing materials for each campus
  • Strong partnerships with other ancillary service providers on campus (food, conference services, recreation, etc).

We would be happy to meet with you to better understand the unique needs on your campus and demonstrate how we could improve the quality of your student housing operation. Contact us and our Vice President, Brian Freeman will personally respond to your request for information.