Residence Administration and Operations

Complex and potentially costly operations made simple and efficient with strong staff and proven processes. All created and delivered using a ‘student-first’ philosophy.

We can improve your residence operations. By leveraging our size and experience, each campus (no matter how big or small) has access to a comprehensive set of processes, tools and resources to ensure the residence runs efficiently, meets financial targets, and enriches the student experience.

Our team of Regional Directors and on-site Managers are the leaders that pull together all of the expertise and resources that are required in order to ensure we meet our objectives:

  • Ensure student safety and security
  • Improve student retention and success
  • Diligently maintain and re-invest in the facilities
  • Reduce purchasing and operating costs
  • Generate significant conference revenue
  • Use environmentally friendly and sustainable products and practices

Many of our core processes, tools and services have become best practices. Some of these core elements that would be available to you include:

  • Comprehensive set of policy and procedures covering all elements of student housing administration and legislative requirements
  • Regular staff training and development (and cross training) under the umbrella of CLC University
  • Progressive Student Life program that ensures a positive student transition and overall experience
  • Customized IT solutions, such as student websites, and student online tools (application processes, maintenance requests, incident reports, payments, etc.)
  • Reputable Financial Services, including online payment processes, payroll and accounting services.
  • Advanced Facilities Management approaches, ensuring a healthy infrastructure and environment
  • Complete Human Resources Solutions, including excellent employee benefits and pension plans and workplace health and safety programs.
  • Thriving Summer Conference Accommodations business that generates significant revenue for the residence and the institution
  • Regular research, assessment and student feedback activities to ensure continuous improvement

We would be happy to meet with you to better understand the unique needs on your campus and demonstrate how we could improve the quality of your student housing operation. Contact us and our Vice President, Brian Freeman will personally respond to your request for information.