Facilities Management

We are the national leader in student housing facilities management services. We have the depth and breadth of experience that could vastly improve residences on your campus.

If you are worried about the deferred maintenance in your residence, after partnering with us, you can spend more time managing academic and research spaces on your campus and less time worrying about maintenance. Our facilities management services integrate a broad array of functions that are delivered in a cohesive manner that not only improves the financial performance of residence operations, but also improves the student experience.  Our practices are guided by the following principles and values:

  • Alignment with student and institutional needs
  • Continuous consultation and collaboration with facilities management staff on campus
  • Compliance with all applicable legislative regulations, institutional practices, and APPA guidelines
  • Environmental stewardship and sustainability
  • Rigorous demand and preventative maintenance processes
  • Protecting and investing in your assets through long term capital planning
  • ‘On time and on budget’ project management
  • Maintaining a safe and comfortable residence facility

Our approach to facilities management ensures that we are always providing a sustainable residence environment that is healthy, safe, and clean for everyone – students, staff, and visitors alike. We offer the following core services to our clients:


  • Demand Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Audits, testing and Inspections
  • Landscaping and Grounds


  1. Capital Planning
  2. Budgeting and Financial Analysis
  3. Purchasing and Procurement Processes

Health and Safety

  1. Fire Safety Plans
  2. Security Plans
  3. Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Plans
  4. Compliance Reporting

Project Management

  1. Renovations
  2. New Construction

Administration and Leadership

  1. Policy and Procedure Manuals
  2. Training and Development

For more information about our Facilities Management Services for existing residence, contact us.