Financing & Building New Residences

Many Colleges and Universities view student housing as an important recruitment and retention tool; however in many cases existing housing stock actually hinders enrolment growth.

As an ancillary operation, government funding is not available for on-campus new residence construction, and financing is only available for self-sustaining projects. We have successfully worked with a number of Colleges and Universities to finance student housing developments in a manner that does not impact borrowing capacity for other “core” campus initiatives. Our solution for new residence construction will:

  • Preserve capital for core campus projects
  • Assist with recruitment and retention
  • Transfer most of the operating risk to the developer
  • Integrate the project within the campus community
  • Keep students on campus and engaged in campus life

We have a customized, sophisticated solution that provides additional on-campus housing without the need to deploy institutional capital. Our single source solution for the Design/Build/Finance/ and Operation of Residences is unique in the industry. In addition, our vertical integration allows for economies of scale, and our approach to management accommodates input from the institution.

We would be happy to meet with you to learn about the unique needs of your property and to demonstrate how we can improve the occupancy and overall quality of your student housing operation.

Contact us below and our Vice President, Brian Freeman will personally respond to your request for information.

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