Marketing Student Housing

Marketing housing to students is a vastly different undertaking than marketing traditional multi-residential units.

Students care about the distance to school, the extras in the building, who they are going to live with and a multitude of other decision-making criteria for them and their families that makes sticking with the same old formula, out of the question.

Because of our extensive experience of marketing to students and managing purpose-built student housing, we have the tools required that will ensure sustained optimal occupancy. No need for a third party developer to reinvent the wheel or figure out how to get their buildings filled. CLC will implement a marketing plan that will grow your “top-line” and become a key contributor to a healthy bottom line.

Request Information about Marketing Student Housing

We would be happy to meet with you to better understand the unique needs of your property and demonstrate how we could improve the occupancy and overall quality of your student housing operation. Contact us below and our Vice President, Brian Freeman will personally respond to your request for information.