Property Management Services

Many private developers view the student housing sector as a stable investment opportunity, but lack the necessary specialized experience and expertise to manage a purpose-built student housing development successfully.

Managing a student housing property is vastly different from a typical multi-residential development. Maximizing occupancy and dealing with higher turnover rates requires a “forward looking” strategy. Creating a positive student housing environment while maintaining a focus on safety and security is sometimes a delicate balance and one we have successfully achieved at our off-campus properties.

Our core objectives are to:

  • Maximize student occupancy and revenue
  • Keep a healthy focus on operating expenses
  • Ensure student safety
  • Create a positive student experience
  • Diligently maintain and re-invest in the facilities
  • Support “Green” initiatives

We have a highly skilled team of managers and senior administrators who work at each of our properties. They are supported by corporate experts in each of the specialized departments within our organization.

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Request Information on Property Management Services

We would be happy to meet with you to learn about the unique needs of your property and to demonstrate how we can improve the occupancy and overall quality of your student housing operation. Contact us below and our Vice President, Brian Freeman will personally respond to your request for information.