Student Outreach and Support

Our outreach and support programs are designed to meet the unique needs of every student and every community.

Student success is dependent on a wide variety of personalized support programs and services that are available to each individual all year long. Engaging students and staff in the delivery of specialized support programs builds stronger communities and fosters student success.

Our goals in this area include:

  • Offering progressive academic and career education programs
  • Creating innovative mental health and wellness services
  • Establishing new crisis prevention and emergency response best practices
  • Improving the quality of accessibility and disability services
  • Administering progressive student conduct and judicial affairs policies

We accomplish these goals through the use of a wide variety of programs that are customized for each campus. Across our portfolio of residences, we have staff that has developed considerable expertise delivering these programs.

  • Peer study groups
  • Academic ‘at-risk’ and early intervention programs
  • Faculty/counselor in residence
  • Health/wellness support initiatives
  • Barrier removal programs
  • Restorative justice practices
  • Annual awareness campaigns

To learn more about our residence life programs and services read our blog, or contact us.

Our Director of Residence Life, Greg Hum, will personally respond to your questions and comments.