Student Leadership

Student leadership is the heart of a strong residence community and vital to enhancing the student experience.

The more students you have engaged in leadership activities in residence the more vibrant your community will be. Diversify these leadership opportunities to engage a wide array of students, and your community becomes more vibrant, supportive, and self-sustaining.

Our goals include:

  • Encouraging the creation of new student clubs, communities and volunteer opportunities
  • Developing new and unique student leadership opportunities
  • Fostering a strong, engaged Residence Council / Student Government
  • Offering student jobs and co-op positions
  • Creating new specialized roles on the residence life staff team

Astin’s theory of involvement and subsequent research on peer to peer programs shows us the value of leadership opportunities in residence. We offer many different jobs, co-ops and leadership positions across our portfolio. Some examples include:

  • Resident Advisors
  • Community Advisors
  • Residence Academic Leaders
  • Residence Council Executive Positions
  • Floor Representatives
  • Customer Services Representatives (Front Desk)
  • Manager-in-Training
  • Residence Orientation Crew
  • Summer Residence Advisor
  • Summer Housekeeper
  • Summer Guest Host

To learn more about our residence life programs and services read our blog, or contact us.

Our Director of Residence Life, Greg Hum, will personally respond to your questions and comments.