Staff Training and Development

We invest in ‘residence life’ training for all our new student leaders, administrative managers and our senior executives alike.

Staff engaged in continuous professional development will ensure our employees on your campus are satisfied and successful. Staff provided with on-going education related to student life issues, trends and be practices will help us ensure student needs are always being met.

We are constantly focused on achieving and improving upon the following training and development objectives:

  • Improving the quality and quality of our pre-service and in-service residence life staff training programs
  • Designing new student leader training programs and conferences in residence
  • Contributing to the development of CLC University
  • Creating new online training and collaboration tools
  • Increasing attendance and presentation rates at local, provincial, national and international workshops, conferences and certificate programs
  • Encouraging staff to upgrade college and university credentials (and supplementing those costs)

We have a number of structured training programs and services we offer to ensure our staff meets the professional development objectives set individually and company-wide. Programs currently in operation or development include:

  • CLC University
  • Annual Residence Life Staff Training Conference
  • Annual Residence Life Staff Pre-Service Training Programs
  • Employee tuition rebates
  • Residence Council / Student Leadership training conferences
  • Management Training Conference

Additional information about these programs may also be found on our Human Resources and Careers pages.

To learn more about our residence life programs and services read our blog, or contact us.

Our Director of Residence Life, Greg Hum, will personally respond to your questions and comments.