Student Life

We provide programs and services that enhance the student experience and foster greater academic success.

Your residence demographics, needs and interests are changing rapidly, making it even more difficult to engage students in ‘residence life.’ Our approach is grounded in solid theory, research and assessment practices, which ensures we are constantly evolving and still:

  • Embrace the academic mission of our partner institutions
  • Cater to the diverse student needs of each campus
  • Provide campus partners with best practices
  • Partner with campus partners to develop new student programs and support services

Our vision is to be the best residence life program in the country that produces the most satisfied and successful students, leaders and professionals. To this end, we are guided by a strong set of values, a holistic programming curriculum, and clear metrics of success that we can assess on a regular basis. Our Department of Residence Life & the Student Experience is focused on six strategic directions:

  1. Community Building and Programming
  2. Student Outreach and Support Services
  3. Student Leadership Opportunities
  4. Staff Training and Development
  5. Research and Assessment
  6. Strategic Residence Recruitment and Marketing

To learn more about our residence life programs and services read our blog, or contact us.

Our Director of Residence Life, Greg Hum, will personally respond to your questions and comments.