Meet the Team

Campus Living Centres is jointly owned by Ivest Properties Limited and London Property Corp.

The ownership of these two entities is controlled by Ray Stanton, Richard Ivey and Hal Gould. Ray Stanton serves as President of Campus Living Centres.

Started in 1974, Ivest Properties is jointly owned by Richard W. Ivey and Hal Gould. Richard Ivey and the Ivey family are well known locally, nationally and internationally for their business and philanthropic interests.

Mr. Ivey owns and operates companies across North America through Livgroup Investments Ltd., and Ivest Corporation. Mr. Ivey also volunteers his time and expertise to several organizations.  He serves as a Trustee of the College Health Network in Toronto, the Chairman of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, an Advisory Board member of the Richard Ivey School of Business and he served formerly as a Governor of the College of Western Ontario. Mr. Ivey was recently honoured with the Order of Canada for his philanthropic work.

Hal Gould, President and CEO, has been the President of Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada; Co-founder and President of Cultures Restaurants Ltd., and Co-founder / owner of New York Fries Ltd. Mr. Gould is a former member of the Board of the Ontario Realty Corporation.

Ivest Properties is a property development company characterized by the values of quality, integrity and community. Ivest Properties is proud of its well-established reputation, which is based on almost three decades of exceptional service. Ivest Properties co-developed a 100,000 square foot office building in Boston, Massachusetts and jointly developed the City Centre complex in downtown London, Ontario. The 528,000 square foot centerpiece was built, in part, to house the Head Office of Canada Trust. The company assembled the land in downtown London for the 800,000 square foot Galleria Shopping Centre. The land was then sold to Campeau Corporation. It also assembled an entire city block and developed Richmond Place, an award-winning residential/commercial complex in downtown London that includes 18 historically significant homes.

Ivest Properties built several buildings in London and other cities and owns a diverse portfolio of residential, office, retail and industrial properties including a hotel.

LPC was founded in 1988 and is owned by Ray Stanton. LPC specializes in the construction, financing and ongoing management of low-rise residential apartments.

LPC has a “build and hold” philosophy with less than a 10% turnover of properties since its inception. The company takes great pride in the design and aesthetic of its apartment properties. Today, LPC’s portfolio exceeds 2,500 apartments, housing 6,500 students located in Belleville, Guelph, Kalamazoo (USA), Kamloops (BC), London, North Bay, Orillia, Oshawa, Peterborough and Waterloo. Having retained and managed its properties upon completion for over 25 years, LPC has perfected a formula for high quality buildings.

In June, 2002, LPC was selected by the University of Guelph to develop eight acres of land, owned by the University, and leased to the developer on a long-term lease. Since that time, LPC has constructed seven apartment buildings for upper year students at the University. The first two buildings were completed by July 1, 2003. The entire development was completed in twenty-four months, exceeds 320,000 square feet of residential space, housing more than 800 students and representing more than 230 three, four and five bedroom apartments.

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