Students Find their Home Away from Home at Canadore College

Canadore’s new apartment-style residence was filled to capacity when it opened its doors to students this fall.

Construction of the six story, 200 bed residence was completed at the end of August to prepare for new and returning students to move-in. Each of the new self-contained apartments consists of two spacious private bedrooms equipped with a double bed, high speed internet and a flat screen television with cable. All 100 units are air-conditioned with a shared living space and kitchen with granite countertops.

“Partnering with Campus Living Centres gave us a tremendous opportunity to build one of the most modern and progressive residence complexes in the province,” said George Burton, President of Canadore College. “Our students are living in a building that was designed with them in mind, so that they could live, learn and have fun in a dedicated and safe environment.”

Every year Canadore welcomes about 3,500 students to its campuses. Over 61 per cent of the College’s student population relocates to North Bay from outside of the region and the City has one of the lowest vacancy rates in Ontario.

“Our students live about two-thirds of their life outside of the classroom,” said Shawn Chorney, Vice-President of Enrolment Management, Student Services and Recruitment. “We work hard to provide a dynamic and engaging experience for them every step of the way. Canadore is committed to strong residence programming because it is proven to promote academic success and the overall well-being of our students.”

Residence life activities are developed to ease the student’s transition to college. After-class programs are incorporated to help students learn domestic independence, resume writing and interview techniques and community leadership and development through guest speakers.

The second residence complex was designed by Malhotra Architecture with architectural support services by Standford Consulting and Design Ltd. and construction was managed by RHC Design-Build. The College also has another apartment-style complex residence adjacent to the new building and townhouse-style complexes next to its College Drive Campus. Each first-year student is guaranteed a spot in residence.

George Burton, Canadore College President; William Ferguson, Canadore College Board of Governors Chair; Jay Aspin, MP for Nipissing-Temiskaming; Brian Freeman, Campus Living Centres Vice-President of Development and Client Relations; Craig Dellandrea, Executive Assistant, Vic Fedeli, MPP for Nipissing; Al McDonald, Mayor of the City of North Bay; Shawn Chorney, Canadore College Vice-President of Enrolment Management, Student Services and Recruitment

Canadore provides access to over 60 full-time quality programs and has outstanding faculty and student services. The College confers approximately 1,000 graduates each year and has over 37,000 alumni.

For more information, please contact:  Jessica Charette at 705.475.2538 or; Carrie Richmond at 705.474.7600, ext. 5216 or

Campus Living Centres Inc. announces Joe Danis as the new Associate Vice President of Operations

Joe DanisToronto, ON – Campus Living Centres Inc. is pleased to announce Joe Danis as the new Associate Vice President, Operations.   The appointment of Joe Danis is effective August 7, 2012. 

Joe Danis joins Campus Living Centres Inc. from the University of Manitoba where he has been the Director of Student Housing since 2004.  At the University of Manitoba, Joe’s ability to balance the importance of business operations and residence life transformed the student housing operation into an innovative, dynamic, and high performance unit. He was a key player in leading the opening of two new residences during his tenure and his unit has been able to achieve positive financial performance through his leadership, entrepreneurial approach, and commitment to fiscal responsibility. Joe has also been actively engaged in the University’s campus development plan, leading discussions on the importance of student housing and its place within Strategic Enrolment Management.

Under the residence life portfolio, Joe’s program Reading Buddies, was honoured in 2004 with the Mayor’s Award for Volunteerism in the City of Winnipeg. In 2005, Joe received the annual University of Manitoba outreach award. The award, presented by the President of the University of Manitoba and the Presidential advisory committee on outreach, was for his work in developing Praxis, a campus-wide initiative that strives to promote community outreach and service learning among students. Joe was also responsible for the creation of the Office of Student Life, as he took his passion for leadership, service, and global citizenship campus wide, extending opportunities for engagement to all University of Manitoba students. He has developed several successful international service learning programs in countries such as Bangladesh, El Salvador, Ecuador, and most recently Costa Rica. Joe not only administers these programs but he is actively engaged in the facilitation of reflection sessions and group discussions.

Over the course of the past eight years, Joe has been a member of the University of Manitoba’s Administrative Council as well as the Council of Student Affairs and has been a member of CACUSS since 2002.

Prior to his work at the University of Manitoba, Joe completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Winnipeg in International Development Studies and Conflict Resolution Studies. Joe also began his career at the University of Winnipeg where he was instrumental in revitalizing residence operations as the first ever Director of Student Housing at the institution.

With Campus Living Centres Inc., Joe will be responsible for all residence operations, including residence life and student services.  This portfolio totals over 18,000 student beds in 26 different residence facilities across Canada that are owned, and or managed by Campus Living Centres Inc. or an affiliated company.

Enhancing the Student Housing Experience

Every year, students are demanding more of their student
housing experience... is your institution keeping up with the rapidly changing landscape?

Ethical, research-based approaches and positive outcomes worth opening your mind to.

Our students are changing and the social, political and economic landscape of student housing are also changing at a rapid pace – but that doesn’t mean the student experience will suffer. In fact, we believe, as a private company acting on behalf of our client institutions, we are improving student success. Consider this: Our approach is fully integrated into the mission and values of our partner institutions. Our programs and services are built upon solid research and catered to the unique and diverse needs of the students on each campus.

We do not wear the CLC logo on our shirts, or display it on our handbooks, posters, residence website or other prominent materials. We do everything in our power to ensure each and every student finds comfort within their institution and the residence. In our residences, students see us as “________College Residence Staff”, not Campus Living Centres.

While the conversations about public-private-partnerships (P3s) in student housing have been more prevalent recently, they have been around in Ontario for a long time – mostly because of us. We have been operating student residences on campus for our client institutions for 20 years.  We are currently managing student residences on 18 campuses in Ontario (25% of all college/university campuses in the province). Within these residences, there are a total of approximately 8000 students (approximately 10% of total residence population in Ontario).

Our corporate staff in residence life serve as important student advocates on each campus.  The residence life budget, and all residence finances, are tightly controlled by a multi-disciplinary committee on each campus. No profits are gained from students through our residence life program. Programs and services are self funded on each campus through residence fees, just like they are on the majority of campuses across the country. Understanding these kind of details are important, because as you will see, what we provide students, how we provide it, and the outcomes we achieve, are no different. In fact, we think many of our new programs and services exemplify best practices.

To learn more about our residence life programs and services take some time to review our Student Life page or contact us.

Cambrian College Sells Residence to Campus Living Centres

by Jacob Touchette
Shield Staff » Read the article HERE.

Cambrian College’s Board of Governors has approved the sale of the Barrydowne Campus residences for $24 million.

The decision came at a meeting on Jan. 26.

The sale is to be made to Campus Living Centres, a company who finances, designs and manages student housing in Canada.

The deal also includes approximately seven acres of undeveloped land on the north side of the Barrydowne campus, just south of NORCAT. Campus Living Centres is proposing to build new residences on that piece of property, according to Jim Hutton, Cambrian's vice-president finance administration.

The sale would relieve Cambrian of nearly all of the debt associated with the residences and two-thirds of its $38 million total capital debt load, according to Hutton.

He said this relief will put the College within healthy debt levels as set out by the province. Ontario's revenue to debt ratio is 2.4 dollars owed for every dollar of income, and Cambrian is currently sitting around double that number, Hutton said.

He said the terms of the sale are the first of their kind in Canada.

“We have transferred all of the risk to the other party,” Hutton said. “And we have been able not only to take the cash, but we've been able to write that down in our books and get it off the books, and that has never been done before.”

He said with the College's student waiting list growing each year, and roughly 17% of students at Cambrian living in residence, coupled with a 3% vacancy rate in Sudbury, according to the vacancy rate tracking site, there will be no shortage of students to fill the beds.

However, while Cambrian has not guaranteed the rooms will be filled, Hutton said “we are creating a trust fund that if the occupancy drops below 96 per cent - and it's never happened in history, the lowest its been is 98 per cent - we're setting money aside that the investor could dip into to offset the cost.”

He said after 20 years, any monies left in the trust fund will be given back to the College for its own purposes. If left untouched, as Hutton predicts, it would total $3 million.

The proposed residences will house 62 students, said Hutton. This would bring the total number of spots in residence to 739.

While the Campus Living Centres will manage the student housing, Cambrian will be there to ensure living on campus is still an affordable option for students, Hutton said.

“We get no profit from the rent, however we get control over rental rates.”

by Jacob Touchette

Shield Staff » Read the entire article HERE.

How we can make a difference for ON CAMPUS student housing operation.

We believe that our residence operations & the student experience can be better than what they are today.

We know the following trends are having an adverse impact on the vast majority of residence operations in Canada:

  • tighter budgets and reduced government funding,
  • aging infrastructure,
  • significant debt loads, and
  • ever- increasing student and parental expectations.

We understand that you need to do more with less…

  • More programming, more support, more maintenance, more renovations, more wages, more benefits
  • Less funding, lower debt loads, less staff

Welcome to the CLC Website!

This website has something to offer everyone interested in student housing:

  • Prospective Partners in Senior Administrative roles in Colleges, Universities and Private Industry may be interested in Our History, Our Team or our core services detailed in What We Do;
  • Current Student Housing Administrators may be interested in learning more about the campuses we work with detailed in Our Portfolio and how we support the academic mission with our Student Life programs; and
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To help you find the information you are most interested in, this website is organized into several key areas. First, there are 4 Main Sections that describe the core elements of our business and services:

  1. Student Life – Enhancing the student experience is a critical component of everything we do. We will share with you our 6 strategic directions for student programs and support.
  2. Financing and Building New Residences– colleges and universities are rapidly turning to Public Private Partnerships (P3s) to build new residences. We have had success with P3s for years and list some of these partnerships for you.
  3. Managing Existing Residences– we have senior leaders that provide expert guidance and support to each of the 7 core residence management functions. We explain what we do in each department.
  4. Property Management Services – if you’re an owner or developer of student housing, we can provide the management services you need to the achieve the financial performance you are looking for in your investment. Check out some Current 3rd Party Projects.

As the title suggests, this Blog will attempt to bring you regular insights from some of our experts, and the incredibly talented staff and partners on our campuses. We will also try to profile important research articles and best practices articles from across Canada and the United States.

We will also be actively updating our News and Events section with press releases and links to stories published in the media about CLC and our partners.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can use the search engine at the bottom of the site, or simply use the Contact Us form. Our senior administrators will personally respond right away.

Spare the Lecture: Students Click to Learn about Safer Drinking

Wednesday January 11, 2012

Campus Living Centres' "Check Your Drinking: Residence Life" provides college and university residence students with anonymous, non-judgmental feedback.

Prior to the start of this academic year, Campus Living Centres, the largest owner and operator of student housing in Canada, launched a specialized online tool to help residence students make better decisions about their drinking.

Those 24 and under have nearly three times the rate of heavy frequent drinking compared to those 25 and over. Heavy drinking results in serious health consequences and increased emergency department admissions. However, there is strong evidence that certain interventions can help students stay healthy. Experts recommend interventions that combine cognitive-behavioral skills, normative comparisons and motivational feedback. Check Your Drinking based on these principles of Brief Intervention.

"Students spend a lot of their time online so the screener is an excellent way to reach those who may not have sought out information otherwise," says Tim Fricker, Director, Residence Life and the Student Experience at Campus Living Centres. "The instant feedback tells students the facts they need to know to make informed choices about their drinking."

Check Your Drinking Residence Life is anonymous and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Students receive a personalized Final Report that helps them understand their drinking patterns, and how their drinking affects their health, finances and studies. Randomized Controlled Trials have repeatedly shown Check Your Drinking helps problem drinkers significantly reduce their alcohol consumption.

"Check Your Drinking is an excellent and technically relevant way to educate students about the reality of alcohol consumption without lecturing or nagging, which we all know doesn't work," says Trevor van Mierlo, CEO of Evolution Health, the company behind Check Your Drinking. "Students overestimate the amount that their peers are drinking, so our technology helps correct these misconceptions. Plus, it can be really eye opening for students to see how much money they on alcohol, how many calories they consume, and relatively easy tips on how to reduce their risk."

Evolution Health and Campus Living Centres are excited to partner on this project and produce new research on this topic. "The screener is a powerful platform to collect important data about residence student perceptions and habits related to alcohol across the country," says Mr. Fricker. "Very little of this type of data, if any, is available in Canada to describe the perceptions and habits of residence students from a cross section of institutions. This data will hopefully result in published research that may help residence administrators develop new educational programs and services for students that promote healthier choices."

About Evolution Health Systems Inc.

Evolution helps make life changes possible. With over 10 years of research, Evolution uses online communities, professional health coaches, peer support, mobile health and web-based education to help people reach their health goals. For more information about Evolution Health Systems, please contact Rachel Fournier: or 416-644-8476 x222. Online:

About Campus Living Centres

Campus Living Centres is the largest owner and operator of student housing in Canada. The "Residence Life Program" offered to students embraces the unique academic mission and philosophy of each partner institution and the diverse needs of the residence community to create an environment that supports each student's academic and personal success. The "Check Your Drinking: Residence Life" online tool is available to over 8,000 students on 20 college and university campuses living in residences managed by Campus Living Centres. For more information about this initiative please contact Tim Fricker: or 647-274-8108